A Colorful Journey: My Experience at the 21st Washington D.C. Chinese Cultural Festival

I had the incredible opportunity to be a part of the 21st Washington D.C. Chinese Cultural Festival, and it was an unforgettable experience! As a 9-year-old volunteer, I had various responsibilities, including helping to sell commemorative items and trying my hand at Chinese calligraphy.Because I had taken some Chinese calligraphy class at Chinese hope school. I even had the chance to meet the Ambassador of China and his wife, who were incredibly friendly. They pursued stuffed panda from our booth! !

The performances at the festival were truly amazing. I saw the elegance of qipao dance and  martial arts displays, and the singing and dancing. These performances allowed me to appreciate the charm of Chinese culture even more.

Although I couldn’t watch all the shows  and couldn’t eat a lot of food, because of my volunteer duties, I did participate in the raffle draw. Guess what? I won a fluffy giant panda plush toy, which I absolutely adore! It was a stroke of luck that made my day. My Mom also bought me a delicious chocolate milk shake, it was so yummy!

The entire cultural festival was a massive success, attracting thousands of locals and tourists alike. The presence of the Chinese Ambassador and local dignitaries added prestige to the event, and even President Biden sent his congratulations. Media outlets were eager to cover the festivities, with Oriental TV broadcasting the entire event live.

This cultural festival deepened my interest in Chinese culture. I hope to participate in similar events in the future to continue learning and experiencing the wonderful aspects of China.

Thank you Chinese hope school for letting me be a part of this special occasion!

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