Leshan Giant Buddha

           Chinese culture is very abundant and distinct including many spectacular statues, a diversity of ethnic minorities, and rich traditions. Among all these elements, I love the Leshan Giant Buddha, also known as the Linyun Giant Buddha. The Leshan Giant Buddha is a whopping 71 meters tall, making it among some of the most massive Buddha statues in the world, and one of China’s crafts and cultural essential parts. As the name suggests, it is in Sichuan, Leshan. I decided to talk about the Leshan Giant Buddha because this year, during summer break, I participated in the China Roots Seeking Tour Summer Camp that went to Sichuan Emeishan. Over there, we visited many places, but the Leshan Giant Buddha was one of the most unforgettable. It is carved into a cliff and sits next to the water. The Leshan Giant Buddha sits on a chair, gazing at the water on the other side of the shore, the sight of the Buddha is breathtaking. The Leshan Giant Buddha was carved thousands of years ago in history, it was started in the year 713 of the Tang Dynasty. After 3 generations of workers and 90 years of intense construction, it was finally completed in the year 803. Also, where the Leshan Giant Buddha was built is marvelous, it sits where 3 rivers intersect, these rivers are called the Min River, the Qingyi River, and the Dadu River. This unique location increases how magnificent the Leshan Giant Buddha is. 

           The Leshan Giant Buddha is not only one of Chinese culture’s masterpieces but is also proof of ancient Chinese builder’s skill and determination. Its grandness along with its history are both astonishing, and it helped me understand more about the diverse culture of China. Every time I think back to my trip to Sichuan, I will always remember the captivating sight of the Leshan Giant Buddha in all its glory, it is forever carved into my brain and forever etched into my memories.

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    Oct 19, 2023

  • Leshan Giant Buddha

               Chinese culture is very abundant and distinct including many spectacular statu...

    Oct 19, 2023

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